"Everything starts from the Baseline" 

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About Baseline International LLC

About the CEO

Founding Principles:  

Baseline International is a company founded on free thought and focused intent.
Our goal is to discover and encourage fresh- progressive thinking and innovative products development that  will ultimately enrich the world body.  

Mission Statement

To create and foster an environment that promotes free thought. To be the preeminent portal, voice, and purveyor of creative individuals and businesses who bring new insight into the world.  


The Story "So Far"

  • Since its inception as an organization Baseline International LLC has endeavored to stay on the cutting edge of technology, invention, social interaction. We have “our” fingers into many things involving tomorrow; not as a “jack of all trades” but as a company with visions of the future. While tomorrow is not “guaranteed”, what can be “guaranteed” is that wherever tomorrow can be found Baseline International will also be there.

  • More to come........